About Me

Indeed, it is an honor and privilege to be a part of a national health plan and medical group that has been promoting health and preventing illness for over 65 years. Working at Kaiser Permanente is a fabulous fit for me because Kaiser Permanente's mission to improve the health of our members and community aligns with my personal health philosophy. I thoroughly enjoy the total care I can offer my patients when I see them in my office or when we have a phone or email conversation. My husband and I married in 1983. He is a great motivator, "people person," and he always keeps me laughing.

About my practice

I am a member of our Kaiser Permanente Ambulatory Medicine Department. Our team of physicians, nurses, clinical pharmacy specialists, nurse practitioners, medical assistants and customer service coordinators not only take care of our many members, but also have fun working together to fulfill our team mission.

How I thrive

My personal philosophy is to live the best life possible in the midst of life's many circumstances. To do this, I prepare myself physically, intellectually and spiritually each day. I am spiritually prepared for the day when I begin each morning with quiet time, meditation and prayer. When I do this regularly, the road ahead is clear and possible. I am physically prepared after I complete a great 15 to 30 minute workout using the balance ball, hula hoop or a walking video. Exercise increases my stamina. Healthy eating gives me energy. My intellectual preparation includes reading novels, scientific journals, creative thinking and professional development. I believe as long as we are alive, we can learn.