About Me

Welcome to my Web page! I am a physician who specializes in infectious diseases. My office is located at the Point Loma Medical Offices on Fordham St., where I see members with both general infectious disease issues and those living with HIV/AIDS. I have always had a passion for HIV research and clinical care and am truly blessed with the opportunity to continue caring for people with HIV here at Kaiser Permanente.


I am a San Diego native. Despite training elsewhere, I could not dream of practicing anywhere other than my hometown. I knew I wanted to become a physician very early in life because I truly enjoyed the biological sciences and I knew that I wanted to help people. During a sex education class in grade school, I learned about Ryan White, a young boy who contracted HIV through the receipt of contaminated blood. From that point on, I wanted to dedicate my life to understanding and treating people infected with HIV.

About my practice

I feel that it is a privilege to be a part of our members’ lives and to use my medical skills and knowledge to help them better understand the diseases that they have and to help them coordinate their health care. Although I have broad interests in both general infectious diseases and HIV, I especially enjoy working with HIV-infected women. I have both attended and spoken at the annual San Diego HIV women’s conference. As a female physician, I also feel that I can relate in a special way to women who are living with HIV.

How I thrive

Keeping balance in life is very important to me, and it’s also something I encourage in the lives of my patients. I stay healthy by incorporating cardiovascular and weight training exercise in my daily routine. My husband and I also enjoy trying new culinary endeavors and traveling.