About Me

Welcome! I am a general internist who takes care of adult members, from older teenagers to seniors. I am happy to take care of you for health maintenance and during episodes of acute and chronic illness.


I grew up in the Philippines, in the greater Manila area. I have lived in the United States with my family since 2001, and lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for many years, and I still have close ties to family and friends there. However, I also have close ties to family and relatives in Southern California, so I was glad to move here to hopefully establish roots.

About my practice

I am part of the Department of Internal Medicine in the Fontana Medical Center and gladly take care of most general health care issues of adult members. I would like to take care of any urgent issues you may have and also provide continuing care for chronic medical issues and health maintenance. When needed, I will request specialty consults for any of your health issues.

How I thrive

I have a husband and 2 sons, and we enjoy hiking trails and walking along the beach or nature preserves. I also swim, go biking, and occasionally do yoga for exercise. I love creative writing as well, including poems and short stories. I also enjoy singing karaoke with friends and family, although my listeners might not necessarily enjoy it.