About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you about my work as a nuclear medicine physician. I have been working at Kaiser Permanente for the past three years now. My initial background was in internal medicine but I decided to pursue a specialty field in nuclear medicine. I truly love my work in this capacity and enjoy being a part of Kaiser Permanente.


I am Filipino by heritage but was born in Baltimore, Maryland. I do speak Filipino (Tagalog) fluently, having spent much of my childhood in the Philippines. I moved to the United States soon after I graduated from medical school and eventually got married here. I now have three children, all of whom were born in the West Coast. My career choice has been greatly influenced by my father, who was a physician as well.

About my practice

We strive to provide the patient with as pleasant and as efficient an experience as possible while at our department. Our philosophy is to never cut corners in anything we do, to strive for excellence, as well as consistency day in and day out.

How I thrive

I am committed to the thrive philosophy. Balancing work and family life is very important to me. I value the time I spend outside of work, and I am very happy that Kaiser Permanente not only believes in this philosophy, but actually encourages this. I try to keep fit by playing tennis on weekends and taking walks. We are looking into biking as a family activity in the near future. Church occupies a large part of our lives, and as a family we are quite active in church-related activities.