About Me

I was born and raised in sunny Orlando, Florida, but went away to college in the state of Tennessee (but not at the Orange and White). My medical schooling was completed in Southern California at Loma Linda University and I have since practiced in Central Florida and North Carolina. My family and I recently moved to Oregon and hope to settle here after more than a few years of pulling up our tents.

About my practice

I am a board certified family practice physician with a bit of an emphasis on chronic disease management, but I am perfectly happy to see all. I, like most primary care physicians, believe that most of our health care time and expense is focused around chronic disease management once the disease has already occurred. Prevention is granted secondary importance to medications in medicine and in popular society at large as if all diseases were inevitable and unavoidable. Talking with patients about their concerns and questions regarding preventative care is always welcome, and I appreciate interest in trying to prevent disease by taking good care of the only body we will ever have. Some of this includes trying to prevent the use of medications and radiation when the expected gain is not greater than the potential risk. I also believe that part of my primary care responsibility is in trying to keep healthcare organized and to refer to an expert when needed.

How I thrive

My definition of how I thrive changed dramatically when I began schooling and started a family. While I used to be an avid summer sportsman with volleyball, basketball and flag football (I am delicate), my nights and free days are currently spent playing catch, performing "experiments", going to the zoo or hiking and building Lego's with the little ones.