About Me

I was born in India and raised in Portland, Oregon. To complete my training in Radiation Oncology and gain experience in my chosen field, I moved to California for four years and to Minnesota for six years. By then, I had met by wife (also from Portland) and we wanted to come home to raise our family. It's great to live in Portland.

About my practice

Within radiation oncology, I specialize in brachytherapy which is the placement of radioactive material directly in to a tumor or tumor bed. This allows a high dose of radiation to be delivered to the area of concern while sparing the surrounding health tissues. In appropriate patients and situations, it is highly effective. I most often use brachytherapy for prostate, breast and gynecologic cancers.

How I thrive

Life is busy with three children and an active practice. We enjoy exercise, golf and wine when time allows, and otherwise just enjoying our children's lives.