About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page. My name is Cecilia and I'm happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself to those of you in need of vision care.


I’m a Southern California native—the furthest I’ve ever moved was from the San Gabriel Valley to the South Bay. I got interested in eyes and vision early when I realized I was waving to strangers and bumping into poles. That last part may have just been because I was uncoordinated, but my vision was indeed bad and I did not realize just how bad it was until my first visit to the optometrist. When I put on my first pair of glasses I was able to see leaves on trees! That left an impression on me and ingrained in me the desire to help those in similar situations. I find it very gratifying to help people with their sight.

About my practice

Working at a smaller clinic allows me the opportunity to communicate more effectively and directly with staff. I enjoy the camaraderie that this environment provides.

How I thrive

Running after my two toddlers gives me a little cardio and strength workout and hones my reflexes (don't touch that burner!). I also try to do a little jogging and attend an exercise class at the YMCA on the weekends.