About Me

To me, the sciences, especially biology, always had a sort of fascinating attraction. I saw medicine as the perfect practical and hands-on application that would yield a sense of fulfillment and purpose for me. My practice in medicine began in my home country of Vietnam after completing both medical school and my residency at the University of Medicine of Ho Chi Minh City. After my wife and I had our firstborn, we decided to move to the United States to provide our daughter with bigger and better opportunities to pursue. My family and I realized our love for the Pacific Northwest after living here for a few years as I studied to renew my medical license in the United States. We moved to El Paso, Texas and I completed my internal medicine residency at the Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine. After finally completing the program, my wife, two daughters, and I moved back to the lovely state of Washington. My family and I are now happily settled in Vancouver, Washington.

About my practice

My philosophy is that teamwork is the core of the working machinery of our clinic. With the effective communication and total cooperation of the staff, we are able to provide the best care for our patients because the patients are always the primary priority.

How I thrive

I am extremely family-oriented and I consider them my number one priority. When I am not working at the clinic, I spend most of my time with my family. At least once a week I take my family out to enjoy a day in Portland and allow my wife a day off from cooking. As a doctor I care for my patients, as a husband and father I strive for my wife and children.