About Me

Welcome to my Web page. In today's electronic age, it is wonderful to be able to share with members and colleagues both personal and professional information. I hope this introduction will allow you to get to know me better.


I was born in Kiev, Ukraine. My family emigrated from the former Soviet Union in 1979. While growing up in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, I was able to preserve my Russian heritage and language. I was blessed to meet my wonderful wife, who is also from Russia. Together we have a beautiful family of three boys and one princess. I became a physician because I love working with people and helping them to feel better about their health.

About my practice

I strongly believe that a person's health is their own responsibility and the physician is merely a partner who can guide them to better health and well-being. I believe in patient education, active participation, and personal accountability.

How I thrive

I strive to improve my fitness by running and training for triathlons and half marathons. I picked up running when I was challenged to train for the Disney half marathon. I quickly got hooked and have since participated in several triathlons. This provides a great cardiovascular workout and good stress relief. My hobbies include getting fit, playing golf, snow skiing, swimming, reading, playing with my kids, and spending time with my family.