About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce my credentials to you. Kaiser Permanente is a great organization to work for. It is my pleasure to provide care for your health, and I look forward to meeting you.


I was born and raised in Vietnam. I graduated from Hanoi Medical School as a family physician. I fell in love with psychiatry when working as a researcher at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, so I decided to be a psychiatrist. Medicine in general and psychiatry in particular give me the chance to achieve my dream of making a difference in people's lives. I love travel and research. My passion in research helps me to search for solutions for my patients. I speak Vietnamese fluently.

About my practice

I feel that body and mind are strongly related. I believe healthy behaviors and positive thinking are parts of life that need to be trained. I am here to help you with not only biological and medication needs but also emotional needs. Advances in psychiatric medications have been a blessing for psychiatrists, but therapy is also very helpful and accessible.

How I thrive

Balancing life and work is difficult, but possible. I like to travel to new places where I can relax my brain and body. Spending time and having fun time with family also help a lot after a long working day.