About Me

I was born in the deserts of the West and I freely admit to occasionally pining for wide open spaces, although I have adjusted to Atlanta after 17 years with Kaiser Permanente. I entered college with the intention of learning as much as possible about subjects that interested me, rather than working toward a specific career goal, and I found myself drawn to science and medicine.After medical school, I moved to Kentucky for residency to experience a different part of the country. I met my wife, who is also a physician, while in training. Because she was from the Northeast and was not interested in moving West, we worked in Kentucky for several years before deciding on Atlanta as the place to raise our two daughters.

About my practice

I chose to become a family practitioner, although since joining Kaiser Permanente I have only practiced adult medicine. I chose family practice because I always enjoyed the idea of practicing medical care through all stages of life.I believe that medical care should be collaborative; that is, you and I should discuss options and reach a joint decision regarding any of your medical issues. I prefer to be a resource for medical information and a sounding board as we talk through issues and reach a decision on your health care.

How I thrive

I try to structure my life so that I have more time to exercise because my great downfall is that I love to eat!I have two daughters, and I find that dealing with late-teens and young adults occupies more of my time than I expected. Helping my daughters and their friends become independent is both exhilarating and exhausting!Although I have close friends with whom I enjoy spending time and playing bridge, I need quiet time alone to restore my energy. When I have the chance, my ideal moment involves sitting in the woods, near water and reading almost anything. I enjoy hiking and being outside of the metropolitan Atlanta area whenever possible. When we visit my family in Washington, I enjoy revisiting the areas in which I spent my youth and sharing them with my wife and children.