About Me

I am originally from a small town in south central Kentucky. My husband and I moved to Colorado after coming to Denver on vacation and falling in love with the mountains and the warmth of the people.

About my practice

I chose family medicine due to the great diversity of patients and conditions I get to help treat. I was fortunate to have a wonderful role model growing up that showed me how meaningful relationships can impact patients’ health for the better. I take the time to get to know my patients. I enjoy seeing entire families to better understand how diseases develop and to better select treatments that are practical for each person. I work as a team with our specialists, pharmacists and others to coordinate my patients’ care.

How I thrive

My husband and I like to spend weekends in the mountains – the crisp air does a spirit well. When we can’t go to the mountains, we enjoy exploring Denver and the surrounding cities. We always appreciate a good restaurant recommendation!