About Me

I was born in Kaneohe and lived there until my family moved to Hilo when I was seven. I am very grateful to my parents for all their support and love.Growing up, I always loved to fix things and find out how they worked. I knew I also loved to help people. Medicine seemed like a natural combination of two things I enjoy.

About my practice

My decision to specialize in optometry stemmed from the fact that my own eyesight has always been so poor. I started wearing glasses in second grade and I was always amazed how my optometrist was able to help me see. It was a field that I could relate to well and I knew I would enjoy helping other people with their vision. At Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I am part of a coordinated network of health care specialists, and this is something I truly appreciate. In private practice, a practitioner only gets a limited slice of information but with HPMG's electronic health records system, and experts only a phone call away, I really feel that my practice is enhanced and I'm more able to provide the highest quality care. One of the things that make my job meaningful is the opportunity to develop a relationship with my patients. I really enjoy listening to my patients, whether they are telling me a funny story, describing a recent trip they have taken, or welcoming a new family member. I am also a member of the American Optometric Association.

How I thrive

I try to eat healthy and keep myself in shape. I work out at the local fitness club, walk my dog and jog. To unwind, I like to read, play video games and golf.I enjoy spending time with my wife, whether it is enjoying the outdoors, going out to eat or traveling.