About Me

After completing my residency in 2003, my wife and I moved to Arkansas where I opened a solo practice to help provide care in an underserved area. Now that we have two children (who delight in alternating between delighting and exhausting us), a move back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest was in order and I am enjoying the support that the Kaiser Permanente system offers.

About my practice

My initial desire to practice medicine came from a deep-seated drive to help those around me. My goal when treating a patient is to give them the same level of attention, care, and respect that I would give to a member of my own family. I love being able to see patients of all ages and to help them achieve wellness that persists over time.

How I thrive

My wife and children are the center of my life. Being with them allows me the emotional reserve that I need to care for my patients. I love to read, and am always happy to give or receive recommendations for great books. I have enjoyed teaching in the past and hope to be able to get involved in teaching again in the future.