About Me

After spending most of my life in the Midwest, I am excited to be able to explore the Pacific Northwest. I grew up in a small town in Kansas, in the “Wheat Capital of the World,” where I wanted to become a doctor since breaking my arm at the age of eight. After completing medical school and my physiatry residency in Kansas City, I moved to Chicago for a sports medicine fellowship and then spent four years there in practice. 

About my practice

My osteopathic background, coupled with my physiatry and sports medicine training, has allowed me to practice a holistic, comprehensive approach to diagnose, treat, and restore people’s health and function in their day-to-day lives, occupations, and extracurricular activities. One of my favorite things about our specialty is that we take a very patient-centered team-based approach, allowing me to collaborate with and continuously share knowledge with patients and other health-care providers. The scope of my practice involves a variety of conditions involving the spine, joints, muscles, and nerves. In addition, I have a special interest in sports medicine, including sports injuries and concussions, as well as electrodiagnostic studies (EMG).

How I thrive

A healthy work-life balance is a priority for me, and I am fortunate to have a hugely supportive network of family, friends, and colleagues who have helped shape me into the person I am today. I am an avid sports fan (Rock Chalk, Jayhawk! Go Royals & Chiefs!) and enjoy reading, traveling, spending time outdoors, and being active. My dog, Neo, a little terrier mix, always brings a smile to my face and is, like me, looking forward to spending more time outside in nature, away from the frigid winters of the Midwest.