About Me

Before coming to Kaiser Permanente, I cared for hospitalized patients among an underserved population in Nevada and facilitated medical student and resident education. The Pacific Northwest is a wonderful place to raise children and to practice pediatrics. Having two children of my own has helped me understand the challenges that parents face, and I hope to help my families make good choices for their health.

About my practice

I fully encourage all children to be vaccinated because it protects them as individuals and protects our community. My role in administration allows me to be a voice for children and promote practices that support child wellness and makes their health a priority.

How I thrive

I believe kids thrive by playing outside, getting dirty, eating vegetables, limiting exposure to electronics, and getting enough sleep at night. One of our favorite family activities is hiking to a waterfall while chomping on carrots and snap peas (even better when they come from our home garden).