About Me

Welcome! My name is Dr. Erin Song Duncan, and I am happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself to you. I am originally from the New Jersey/New York area, where I received my doctor of optometry degree. I moved from New York to Southern California to pursue a residency in pediatric optometry and vision therapy. I decided to stay and have the opportunity to be involved in pediatric eye disease research, teach optometry students, and work in private ophthalmology and optometry offices. Now I get to work with a great team of colleagues at Kaiser Permanente.


I chose this field because I get to care for people and affect their lives in meaningful and practical ways. Good vision affects everything we do at school, work, sports, and for many of us, our hobbies.

About my practice

I am happy to provide eye care for the whole family, particularly our pediatric members. My personal niche is caring for patients with binocular vision disorders (i.e., convergence insufficiency, strabismus) and amblyopia through our orthoptics clinic. I am also glad to be able to provide eye care in the Spanish language.

How I thrive

I have an amazing husband and 2 adorable, energetic, and curious children. I enjoy traveling, playing the piano, and enjoying the creative arts when I have the time. I enjoy spending time with family and friends and creating great memories together.