About Me

I was raised in Miami Beach, Florida, where I grew up working in my family’s natural food store and restaurant. I was involved with ocean sports while going to school and university. I visited friends in Hawaii while attending optometry school in Oregon and realized the culture, sports, and environment of the islands was for me. I moved here four years later and am so glad that I did!

About my practice

My desire to help people on a personal level influenced me to pursue a career in health care. The field of optometry interested me the most due to my fascination with how vision works. I was also aware of how important good vision and visual skills are to be able to learn and function. Being responsible for monitoring and maintaining eye health has proven to be the right career for me. At the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group, I appreciate our team approach to patient care and the fact that I can easily consult with other specialists. In my practice, I have a strong interest in preventive health, fitness and nutrition, and how these areas relate to eye care. I aim to give the best possible care to my patients, and to have them involved in decision making with regard to their treatment plans. To connect with my patients, I like to find out what they do for work and fun. I enjoy learning about their jobs and hobbies.

How I thrive

To stay in shape, I bike, swim, paddle, lift weights, run, and occasionally surf and windsurf. I especially enjoy getting in the water when possible, which keeps me alert. I also run a six-man sailing canoe that races between the islands as well as paddle one-man and six-man outrigger canoes. To relax, I enjoy cooking, reading, music, and sharing all my activities with my family.