About Me

As a doctor, I am reminded daily of three things:
1.) The tremendous talent and compassion of the people I work with;
2.) I am humbled by the trust that patients share with me;
3.) The heroism in the face of adversity that families silently offer with sacrifice and time to their loved ones who are debilitated by progressive chronic illness.

About my practice

I serve patients who are hospitalized at Good Samaritan Medical Center. My professional philosophy is to treat the patient, not the disease. I believe the patient has all the answers, and I just have to ask the right questions and actively listen. There is no right or wrong, or even good or bad – only actions or inactions and their consequences. Electronic medical records help me to see the big picture of a patient’s health, so I can make good use of our time together and answer their questions. I work as a team with our specialists, pharmacists and others to coordinate each patient’s care.

How I thrive

I thrive through my lifelong love of exercise and learning, and by spending time with my family.