About Me

I grew up in Colorado and went to graduate school and medical school at the University of Colorado. My family and I moved to Oregon to complete my dermatology residency at Oregon Health & Science University. We fell in love with the Pacific Northwest and are very excited to call Portland home. I feel honored to be a dermatologist and chose the specialty because I love both its medical and surgical components as well as the opportunity to treat members of all ages. As the body’s largest organ, the skin not only serves as our barrier to external insults but can be a window to internal disease as well. I find the diseases that can derive from or manifest in the skin fascinating and gratifying to diagnose and treat. 

About my practice

I am proud be a part of the outstanding group of dermatologists at Kaiser Permanente! For me, the opportunity to treat newborns through centenarians is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a dermatologist, and I gladly welcome and encourage members of all ages. The most important part of my relationship with every member is building a therapeutic alliance within which we can openly and honestly discuss their skin concerns, their fears surrounding a specific diagnosis, and their questions regarding therapeutic options. I want my members and their families to know that I will advocate for them, will give my honest assessment and opinion, and will work with them as a team to improve their overall health and, specifically, the health of their skin.

How I thrive

I get more joy than I ever thought possible out of the time my partner and I spend with our young daughter. We love walking to parks, watching her discover a new skill, new food, or new friend, and seeing her find so much joy and entertainment from everyday things I have taken for granted for years (like boxes or puddles). When she is resting, I love to read or garden. When my partner and I take a rare afternoon or evening for ourselves, we like to explore the city and surrounding areas from bikes, stand-up paddle boards, snowshoes, or hiking boots. My family also loves to take relaxed vacations to the beach and play in the waves and sand together.