About Me

I came to pediatrics at an odd angle. As an undergraduate I double majored in French and Anthropology and went on to work on excavation sites in Europe. Though this was fascinating work, I soon began working as an emergency medical technician and refugee relocation volunteer to satisfy my need to reach out in a direct way. I went on to earn my MD from the Medical College of Georgia where I met my wonderful wife, and then complete my pediatric residency and chief residency at OHSU. We are now both pediatricians, she in the hospital setting and I in the clinic. At home our lives revolve around a little boy and a little girl who teach us more about the importance of our work than any textbook.

About my practice

I have diverse interests in pediatrics. Above all, I believe in protecting and fostering the immense capacity for joy, creativity, and intellect in every child. My job is to guide families through the myriad of diseases, parenting challenges, and social struggles, which can threaten healthy development. When I see a child of any age, I see someone in the moment as well as a person minutes, hours, days, and even years older. I see myself as a family partner, focusing on preventative medicine and offering evidence based treatment recommendations when needed. In addition to serving as a primary care provider, I work in urgent care and run a monthly diabetes clinic.

How I thrive

I sneak in play wherever I can. I bike to work and I laugh at work. As a family, we garden, hike, goof off, and sometimes travel. With my friends, I'm all about whitewater kayaking, which is so abundant around Portland. I also have a passion for supporting efforts to protect wild places and to keep our air, streams, and oceans clean for all of our children to enjoy.