About Me

A transplanted East Coaster, I'm never going back! My family (wife and three kids) and I love Colorado and what it has to offer. My proudest professional moment was being selected as the Saint Joseph Hospital Physician of the Year for 2016 – the first time an anesthesiologist has been awarded that honor!

About my practice

I chose Anesthesiology to be the ultimate patient advocate during a time when patients are the most vulnerable – asleep undergoing surgery. I also work in the chronic spine pain interventional clinic so not all of my patients are unconscious. I care for patients over 1 year old. My goal is to listen to my patients and tailor treatments to deliver evidence-based medicine that meets their individualized needs. I work as a team with our surgeons, other specialists, and pharmacists to coordinate my patients’ care.

How I thrive

I thrive when I have a healthy balance of work and play. Play, for me, is exercise-related – weight training, tennis and yoga.