About Me

I'm originally from New Jersey, and attended the University of Colorado at Boulder for my undergraduate education. I returned to the east coast for medical school and Internal Medicine residency. Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente in 2012, I had my own practice in Pennsylvania for over nine years. Medicine offers me the opportunity to meld my social personality with my scientific inquisitiveness. I'm fortunate enough to be married with three children, who are all active and interested in sports and education.

About my practice

My philosophy in medicine revolves around the idea that we should all perform many activities and follow habits in moderation. For example, relaxation balanced with hard work and healthy eating with a splash of chocolate occasionally. I strive to have meaningful, personal relationships with patients as part of my practice. I enjoy treating both younger and older adults, as each group presents unique opportunities and challenges that Internal Medicine can truly enrich for both patient and physician.

How I thrive

Similarly surrounding my own philosophy in medicine, my family and I thrive by trying to live many aspects of life in moderation. My two boys and I are very active in playing and coaching hockey, but I also enjoy relaxing outside, walking, and enjoying time at home. My daughter is active in horseback riding but also loves to read. I have an interest in Colorado railroads as well.