About Me

Thank you for visiting my Web page! Don't let the picture fool you. I may look young, but I'm no Doogie Howser!


I've lived in Southern California for over 20 years and enjoy activities that keep me outside in the sun, although I do use sunscreen to protect my skin. I'm a mother of two small children, and my husband and I are experiencing the joys and challenges of parenthood.

About my practice

I like to have a collaborative relationship with my patients where we can discuss options for management. I also work closely with very qualified nurses who assist me in caring for my patients.

How I thrive

I try to keep balance in my life. My time in the clinic is mentally stimulating, so I like to unwind after a long day by spending time with my family. I like to go for walks or short bike rides to help clear my head as well as get exercise. I enjoy singing to help me relax, although I do most of my performances in the shower!