About Me

I became interested in medicine while in college. I worked for three years as a ward technician (an orderly) in the local hospital and then with the ambulance service while completing my college education. I found medicine to be infinitely interesting, providing me with the opportunity to have contact with people and help address their problems. From the moment I started my obstetrics and gynecology rotation in medical school, I knew I had found the area in which I wished to specialize. Ob/Gyn provides variety as I travel from office to operating room to labor and delivery area. It also provides me with a number of medical and surgical options that I can use to provide care to patients and their needs.

About my practice

I believe that a patient should be engaged in their treatment, and I work to educate them to understand the underlying condition and how it influences what they are experiencing. If they have an understanding of the physiology or underlying mechanism of their medical condition, then it becomes much easier for our members to comprehend treatment options. Members then become more motivated to use medications as needed or proceed on to surgery, if appropriate, to address their needs.

How I thrive

Staying physically fit has an enormous impact on other aspects of our lives. I work to achieve this by walking 2+ miles daily, and I am motivated to achieve this by my hyperactive English Setter. I supplement this activity by running and bicycling as opportunity presents. I am an avid reader, especially of history. I am also active in a local automobile club and have been successful in Concours, which is basically the cleaning and presentation of the automobile while competing against other similar autos. I find this to help me "clear my mind" with the added benefit of having a clean car when I am done!