About Me

Welcome. I have been a pediatrician for over 25 years at Kaiser Permanente in Kern County. I see patients who are newborns up to 17 years old.


I’m originally from the Midwest. In my youth, I lived in a rural area near Chicago. Even when I was small, I was interested in science and figuring out how things work. I was drawn to medicine because the human body is fascinatingly complex. During all my years of school, I lived in Chicago. In medical school, I found pediatrics to be the most interesting. I deeply enjoy spending my time with children, both in preventive developmental care and in illness treatment and recovery. I have two sons of my own who are now grown.

About my practice

My practice is general pediatrics. I see children from birth until 17 years old for well-care visits and illnesses. I focus on the child. At well-care visits, growth and development are assessed. My office assistant is very cheerful and patient when working with younger children to test their hearing and vision. When my patients are ill, I gather information from the parent and the child to supplement the results of the medical examination. My goal is to help children return to health as soon as possible.

How I thrive

I thrive by spending time in the garden. I grow fruits and vegetables to ensure I eat fresh five servings a day. I find joy in watching the things I plant grow. I often take long walks on the bike path near my home.