About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I hope this will help you get to know me because I believe finding a good fit with your doctor is key in establishing successful health care. I look forward to seeing many of you again and I welcome those of you who are new to my practice.


I'm originally from the Midwest. My family and I moved to California because of my father's failing health. Given the amount of time I spent around doctors and hospitals growing up, I guess I could have gone one of two ways: wanting to distance myself from medicine altogether, or wanting to become one of those who helps people. Obviously, I chose the latter, and I've always felt that it's the perfect fit for me. I love what I do and I hope it shows when I interact with you. Medicine is always changing, so every day is an adventure.

About my practice

I knew even before I started medical school that I wanted to be an Ob/Gyn. I just felt an affinity for women's health care and it's a place that has felt right ever since. In my practice I do obstetric and gynecologic surgery, deliver babies, care for patients during their hospitalization, and have clinic office hours every week. I especially enjoy doing the teen obstetrics clinic and see many adolescents in my gynecology practice. I always ask myself, "What would I want for this person if she were my mother, my sister, or my child?" I hope I approach each person with respect and a willingness to listen. Keeping your best health interests in mind is what motivates me to be the best physician I can be.

How I thrive

Each day I have to remind myself to exercise, eat what's healthy, find something to smile about, acknowledge someone else's contributions, tell my loved ones that I love them, do my best at whatever I set out to do, and realize and be thankful for all that I have in life. Some days I'm more successful at this than others, but every day that I do these things I feel happier, healthier, and stronger.