About Me

After receiving my undergraduate degree in chemistry from the University of Minnesota, I joined the Air Force to serve my country. Through the Air Force I received my medical education. I have since been stationed in Washington, D.C., Texas and Colorado. I’m excited to join Kaiser Permanente and become more active in the Colorado community.

About my practice

I focus my practice on a patient-centered approach. As your provider, I am here to advise you on the options you have regarding your health. These options include but are not limited to diagnostics, treatments and preventive medicine. I respect that everyone has their own opinions and beliefs about which medical interventions they want or are willing to have. I want to work with you to help you make the best choices possible for your health. Everyone’s situation is different. Together, let’s decide which treatment is best for you. I look forward to meeting and learning about you.

How I thrive

Coming from Minnesota, I grew up hunting and fishing. I still take the time to fly back to Minnesota every November for deer hunting season. I enjoy golf, as well as the extra 20 yards that this thin Colorado air offers my drive.