About Me

I moved to Kaneohe, Hawaii with my family when I was one year old and am happy to be able to work and live in the island home that I love.

About my practice

After an early experience with serious illness and the death of a close family member, medicine appealed to me as my life’s work. Initially I chose to work as a primary care physician in internal medicine for the challenge of working in an area of great complexity. I later moved to continuing care in order to work more with our elderly population and to work in the field of palliative care.I am board certified in internal medicine and hospice and palliative medicine and like to keep up with current medical research by reviewing topics in Up-to-Date, Medscape, the Audiodigest, Journal Watch, and other medical journals. I also gave a presentation on palliative care at Grand Rounds in 2012. In the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group I have found great people to work with who are always striving to improve patient care.My philosophy of care is to treat the whole person, not just the disease so I like to connect with my patients by finding out more about them as people. Relating on a more personal level increases the trust that they have in the care I can provide them. Some of my favorite moments in my practice are when my patients are able to let down their guard and share their deeper concerns with me. In addition to English, I speak some French, Spanish, and Japanese.

How I thrive

Exercising, doing yoga, eating a healthful diet, and playing with my kids keep me in balance. Outside of the clinic I also enjoy dancing and hiking.