About Me

Growing up in Florida, the northwest has been quite a change. While I definitely long for the sandy beaches of the gulf coast (especially around March of every year!), I see the Northwest as my new home after being up here for nearly a decade. My next big move, which I'm very excited about, is coming up this year though... parenthood!

About my practice

I enjoy caring for my patients from birth through adolescence. It's been amazing to watch my patients and their families grow over the years. My hope is that I help to contribute to their growths in a positive way by providing medical and emotional support.

How I thrive

I find that staying physically fit is the easiest when I actually have fun! I achieve this by playing tennis regularly with good friends as well as good competitors in an adult league in the area-something I plan to do for years to come. This is definitely a healthy addiction that meets my social and cardio needs in order to thrive!