About Me

Welcome! I'm glad to have the opportunity to present my credentials to you, and to share a few other personal details about myself. I hope this page will help you start to get to know me.


I was born and raised in Saigon, Vietnam. My family and I fled the communism of Vietnam and came to the United States when I was still a teenager. I spent my high school years and undergraduate studies in Southern California before moving to Kansas for medical school. After that, I returned to Southern California for my residency, and have been here ever since. I live in Huntington Beach or “Surf City,” near the area called Little Saigon.

About my practice

I feel that healthy living and preventive care are the best ways to stay healthy, but I’m also here to help you when you’re sick. I want to be your partner in health, and it helps me better care for you when you’re actively involved in taking care of your health.

How I thrive

Keeping balance in my life is very important to me. I love running, swimming, kayaking, stand-up boarding, and participating in triathlons and marathons.