About Me

Hi, my name is Ed. Welcome to my Web page. I’m happy to have this chance to introduce myself to you and tell you more about my work here at Kaiser Permanente.


I grew up in Glendale, California and was inspired to become a doctor through different experiences I had getting medical care in different doctors' offices. I completed both my undergraduate studies and medical school at UC Irvine, where I graduated with my medical degree in 1988. I’ve been with Kaiser Permanente since 1991, beginning at the Riverside Medical Center. I moved to the Moreno Valley Medical Center when it opened in 1992, and then moved to the Wildomar Medical Offices when they opened in 1999. I’ve been at my current location at the Temecula Medical Offices since 2007.

About my practice

As a Kaiser Permanente physician, we always place a strong emphasis on preventive care and healthy living, but I’m also here for when you’re sick. I believe the physician and the member should always work together as a team, and I strive to promote that type of partnership in my medical practice. I also speak Spanish and see many Spanish-speaking members on a daily basis.

How I thrive

I stay healthy by going running on a daily basis. I started running in 7th grade at the urging of my father, and it has become a lifelong passion that I ‘m happy to have passed on to my children. I’ve run seven full marathons in my life and, even though I no longer run that sort of distance, I still manage to run regularly.