About Me

Welcome to my Web page! I'm happy to share a few details about my practice and myself. Pathology is a unique medical specialty because pathologists typically do not see members directly, but rather, we serve as consultants to other physicians.


Even as a child, I wanted answers to many questions, including why people become sick. When I chose medicine as a career, I was drawn more to pathology as a subspecialty. I wanted to know how diseases developed, and how to diagnosis and prevent them. My pathology training from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center inspired me to learn more about women's health and gynecologic pathology. I pursued fellowship training at USC/Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center in cytopathology, and then I joined the faculty at UCLA David Geffen Medical Center, heading the gynecologic pathology division. I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2005, and my time here has been very exciting—I especially enjoy utilizing the knowledge and specialties of my colleagues at Kaiser Permanente in treating members.

About my practice

My special interest is women's health. As such, I’m an advocate of early detection and screening for gynecologic neoplasms (i.e., breast and cervical cancers). Even though I don't interact with you directly, I take pride in being an integral part of your care by working closely with other Kaiser Permanente clinical colleagues.

How I thrive

As a mother of two lovely children, I’ve learned that every moment in life is memorable and precious. I believe that "all mothers are working mothers," and, as a mother working outside the home, I achieve balance by doing yoga with my daughter and enjoying art projects with my son. My husband is a surgeon—this has helped me understand various treatment modalities and the value of timely diagnosis for effective member outcome. Together, we try to set a powerful, positive example for our children. I work in a very friendly, appreciative, and fun-loving department, and that, too, helps keeps me happy.