About Me

I am originally from Toronto, Canada, but spent many of my formative years in Lesotho and Zimbabwe, Africa, where my parents served as medical missionaries. My husband and I met in training, and as he had loved Colorado from his childhood on we decided to try living here. What a wonderful time it has been! We have two boys (one a native Coloradan), two dogs and one bird. I was drawn to medicine because it is a field in which we offer care to the whole person, emotional and physical.

About my practice

I like to joke that anesthesiology suits my personality as even in my daily life I have plan A, B and C mapped out. However, what pulled me into anesthesiology is the quick but meaningful relationship that is formed between myself and my patients before surgery, and my enjoyment of understanding of how physiology and pharmacology interact. I still love it after nearly 20 years in practice. The operating room is an example of teamwork at its best with mutual respect, open communication and helping one another at its foundation. I need to truly understand not only my patient’s medical history but who they are in order to help them in an individual way, so you will find I am full of questions.

How I thrive

One of the reasons I love Colorado is that as a bookish person it has in its beauty lured me outdoors. I love to kayak, hike and bike, albeit slowly! In the last few years I have been exploring pottery for the rainy days and find I love playing in the mud.