About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am a board-certified neonatologist. This pediatric subspecialty is dedicated to the care of sick newborn infants. I have been practicing neonatology since 1992, and joined Kaiser Permanente Riverside Medical Center in 2006. I am here to help make a difference in the health of your baby.


I was born and raised in Russia. During my medical training, I was drawn to newborn intensive care. Evaluating the conditions of newborn patients by means of physical exams and modern medical technology was both challenging and rewarding. I was fascinated by the many newborns that recovered quickly when receiving appropriate care from a trained, compassionate neonatal medical team. I have been practicing in Southern California ever since I completed my neonatal training at Loma Linda University Medical Center.

About my practice

As a Medical Director of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), along with a highly specialized medical team, I provide medical care to newborns with a wide variety of conditions. Some are born prematurely. Others have cardiac, respiratory, or infectious diseases. Still others are born with genetic anomalies or need surgery. After a baby graduates from the NICU and is discharged from the hospital, our team continues to see the baby regularly in a high-risk infant follow-up clinic, where we evaluate our very young patient for any long-term complications that may be associated with his or her challenging start in life. My colleagues and I work as a team, contributing our various points of view to better provide family-centered, continuous, well-coordinated care. The joy of seeing my patients recover and join their families is the most rewarding part of my practice.

How I thrive

My love for my family gives me the energy to deal with the challenges of my work. My professional success is a direct reflection of the love and support of my family. I was so lucky to find my beautiful wife, the love of my life, to whom I have been happily married since 1984. Although my wife and I were born in the same city in Russia, we met and fell in love in California. We have three beautiful children. As a family, we enjoy healthy dining, exercising, traveling, learning, and taking walks along the beach with our dogs.