About Me

I was born a Kaiser Permanente baby at Bess Kaiser Hospital and grew up in the area. My father, Dr. Arnold Hurtado, was one of the early Kaiser Permanente doctors, and I have followed in his footsteps. I am married to the son of a local orthopedic surgeon, and my name, Laurie Hurtado Vessely, represents both medical families. From early on in medical school, I was fascinated by the complex system of hormones in the body which led me to specialize in the field of endocrinology. For me, it is a privilege to work as a specialist in this challenging area, and I enjoy the uniqueness that comes with each work day.

About my practice

I have a special interest in thyroid disorders, especially the evaluation and treatment of thyroid nodules, thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism. I also take care of people with a wide range of endocrine problems including diseases of the pituitary and adrenal glands, osteoporosis, reproductive conditions, and diabetes. A very important part of my job is that of an educator, making sure that my patients understand the options for treatment and the risks and benefits related to the various treatment options. I then try to help patients choose the path that fits best for them as an individual at that particular time in their life. I feel extremely fortunate to be supported by an amazing team of dedicated nurses and medical assistants in our department. I am a strong believer that a healthy lifestyle can prevent numerous medical conditions. Over the past few years, I have put together a nice collection of books about various health topics for my patients to look through while in my office. My hope is to motivate all of my patients to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet.

How I thrive

My life is filled with fun and active pursuits with our two boys. Right now I am spending many hours watching soccer, basketball and lacrosse games! I also make time for my own exercise which includes jogging, stationary biking, body weight strength training, and Iyengar yoga.In recent years, I rekindled my passion for singing and joined a contemporary a cappella singing group. My new favorite past time is listening to novels in my car while commuting to work and running errands around town.