About Me

Welcome to my Web page. I am a board-certified inpatient adult psychiatrist, with subspecialty certification in addiction, forensic, and psychosomatic medicine psychiatry. I have practiced for more than 20 years at Fontana Medical Center. In 1997, I began my administrative role as the chief of service in the Psychiatry Department while continuing my psychiatric work. In 2012, I began a new role as the director of the psychiatry residency program to help train residents.


I was born on the west coast of India. After completing medical school and a residency program in psychiatry, I decided to come to the United States to join my family as well as to pursue higher education and research. I completed a year of research and my first year of residency training in Chicago. I then joined my family in Southern California. Being a transplant from the west coast in India, I felt that I had returned home and decided to live here. I have a loving family that helps me maintain a balance between my personal and professional lives. I love to exercise and am a regular at my local gym. I also love the outdoors. When I do travel, I try to return to India to visit my family. I also travel nationally and internationally with my family and friends.

About my practice

Medicine as a career, and psychiatry in particular, is a very special opportunity to help people in a meaningful way, listening and responding to what my patients need. Being an inpatient psychiatrist allows me to connect with people in a nurturing environment where they can share their innermost secrets, fears, and hopes with me in a confidential setting. It’s a privilege to help members with their concerns and to explain what they may not understand. I’m honored that members have entrusted me with their care. I strive to treat them as I would my own family.

How I thrive

I try to make Kaiser Permanente’s philosophy of total health in mind, body, and spirit part of my life every day. I enjoy daily exercise, movies, bowling, and close-knit gatherings with family and friends. My family life is my major priority. We enjoy summer camping trips to Yosemite and annual Thanksgiving trips to different destinations in California as well as quiet family time at home. I volunteer for an Indian charity that caters to the medical and social needs of all sections of society. I organize local fundraisers for this charity and travel to India to volunteer for it. I am also interested in homeopathy and its development as a complementary mode of treatment.