About Me

I was born in Michigan but grew up in Southern California. I now live in Hawaii with my wife and two children.

About my practice

I was inspired to pursue a career in medicine by my own medical experiences as a patient. Urology is a particularly satisfying specialty because most patients are highly motivated to get better and because most urologic conditions are treatable. It is very satisfying to see my patients feel better.After medical school, I completed fellowship training in male infertility/microsurgery, sexual medicine and surgery, and andrology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas.I believe in treating my patients as I, or my own family members, would want to be treated. I often will just talk with them about their problems and their life, in addition to their immediate medical concerns.I currently serve as clinic chief of our Wailuku Clinic.

How I thrive

I enjoy playing tennis with my daughter, surfing, mountain biking, trout fishing, and hiking in the Cascades. I value spending time with my family and enjoy just about any type of outdoor activity.