About Me

I was born in Manila, Philippines, and my family immigrated to Hawaii when I was 10 years old. I spent the rest of my childhood on Oahu and graduated from McKinley High School before departing for college on the East Coast. I really liked the sciences in school and had favorable exposure to medicine through an aunt who was a nurse. These factors influenced my decision to pursue a medical career.

About my practice

As an internal medicine physician, I enjoy developing long-term relationships with my patients and seeing their lives progress over time. I work with each patient to establish and maintain a level of trust that sustains our partnership. Creating a comfortable setting for my patients is important to me because it makes it easier to connect and build a relationship; I love being an educator to my patients. Whether I'm explaining a medical condition or answering their questions, I feel that we can help address any medical concerns by working together. I was an internist in the Southern California Permanente Medical Group for two years before returning to Hawaii to work with the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group. I value collaboration with my fellow physicians and our medical staff on a variety of patient conditions, and appreciate the emphasis we place on prevention.

How I thrive

I stay fit by walking and getting an adequate amount of sleep. I try to balance my work and home life and enjoy reading, watching movies and sports. I also love traveling and dining with family and friends.