About Me

Welcome to my Web page! I hope the information here is useful to you. This page is one example of the many resources available to members courtesy of Kaiser Permanente.


I am a family physician with a background in preventive medicine. I have a PhD from USC and my undergraduate degree from Harvard is in computer science. I grew up in Southern California, although I lived briefly in Chicago, Hawaii, and Boston. I spent the first 10 years after medical school focused primarily on office-based care for my patients, with a particular interest in preventing the long-term effects of diabetes and heart disease. More recently, I have been able to combine my interest in technology and my desire to help Kaiser Permanente members by serving as the lead physician for electronic medical records for Kaiser Permanente in Southern California.

About my practice

My clinical practice is currently hospital-based. I see hospitalized members and sometimes spend nights in the hospital, taking overnight calls and covering for other physicians. The majority of my time in recent years has been spent in my role as the lead physician for the inpatient electronic medical record system. I focus my efforts on optimizing the use of the electronic system within our hospitals. In particular, we are trying to improve member safety and quality of care using electronic systems.

How I thrive

I try to keep balance in my life. My family members (my wife, three daughters, my siblings and their families, and my parents) are all here in Southern California, and my time with them is energizing and rejuvenating for me. My daughters and I enjoy being outdoors and we all enjoy taking hikes in our local mountains or when we vacation. I get together annually with a group of college friends to hike in the mountains of Vermont. I enjoy exercise but find it a challenge to exercise as frequently as I would like. My participation in the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Triathlon and the Kaiser Permanente half-marathon has helped motivate me to increase my fitness. I believe that moderation and relaxation are vital as they allow me to focus on work during work hours and on family when at home.