About Me

Hello, and welcome to my Web page.


I come to San Diego via Philly, Chicago, New York City, and Orange County. I have a degree in theater from Northwestern University and attended medical school here at UC San Diego. This makes me both a communicator and a scientist! I attended residency at the University of Arizona. I am also certified in integrative medicine, a type of medicine that embraces all healing modalities that are safe. I have a Dachshund named Bella and am a proud aunt. My other interests include public health and policy, international travel, yoga, self-care, social media and health care, and medical journalism.

About my practice

I am a family physician who wants to be a full partner in your health. I do my best to stay healthy and I expect the same from you. I see members of all ages, even newborns, and I also care for pregnant women.

How I thrive

I practice yoga and meditation, but this doesn't mean I float around in pure bliss. I have bad days, too. To minimize these, I keep active with running, swimming, and spinning. I do things every day to stay healthy, and I expect the same from you. Being "busy" is another way of saying "I haven't prioritized my health." I believe that we all choose to be happy, or unhappy, and that we have more control over how we react to the world than we usually accept. Change how you see things, and the things you see change.