About Me

I grew up and was educated in New England. After graduating college, I moved west first to Chicago, Illinois and then to Denver, Colorado where I worked in special education. I fell in love with Portland, Oregon and have lived here for most of my adult life. I worked in various settings before coming to Kaiser Permanente. My clinical background includes group and individual therapy, supervision, and training in the areas of eating disorders and trauma.

About my practice

I work full time in outpatient mental health. My focus is on working as part of a team with my clients to find the most effective approach to assist them in accomplishing their goals. My approach is strength based. My repertoire includes several treatment techniques such as EMDR, TFT and sensor motor treatment. In addition to individual therapy, I provide skill-based group treatment such as dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). I work primarily with adults with anxiety and mood disorders including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

How I thrive

I thrive by playing with and walking my dog, by knitting and being part of a community of knitters, by visiting with friends and sharing good food, by walking on the beach, and by reading.