About Me

Welcome to my Web page. My name is Dr. Gary Edward Schwartz. I’ve been a hematologist and oncologist at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills Medical Center for over 25 years.


I was born in Los Angeles and have lived most of my life here. I chose to become a doctor because I love helping people get well and stay well. I have three wonderful children who are all young adults.

About my practice

I specialize in treating cancer, using a multifaceted approach of chemotherapy, targeted therapies, diet, exercise, vitamins and anti-inflammatories, and certain herbs. I work with a great team of physicians, nurses, pharmacists, a social worker, a nutritionist, and support staff. In addition, we have a clinical trials program with a research nurse. We have an excellent team of people who love their work and are eager to help our members get better.

How I thrive

We all strive to go the extra mile for them. I stay healthy through regular exercise, a healthy diet (primarily plant-based), and regular play. My hobbies include golf, hiking, reading, and studying.