About Me

I am the oldest of seven children and graduated from the University of Florida, following my mother and grandmother into nursing. I practiced critical care nursing for seven years until entering medical school at UF. By the time I finished medical school, I had been at the same hospital at the University of Florida for 12 years, albeit in a variety of roles! I then traveled 3000 miles to UCLA for my residency training in obstetrics and gynecology, where I enjoyed the education and the weather.

I am married to a physicist, and I have two daughters and a cat.

About my practice

I love obstetrics and gynecology because every day is different! Some days, I have hospital duties delivering babies and caring for members with gynecologic problems requiring hospitalization. Many days, I work in the office, seeing both prenatal and gynecologic patients. Several days a month, I do gynecologic surgery such as hysterectomies and laparoscopies at the hospital.

While doing my residency training at UCLA, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to do a surgical rotation at a nearby Kaiser Permanente hospital. Almost immediately, I knew that this type of practice would be ideal for me. I feel lucky to have found an environment that allows me the freedom to offer preventive care and treatment.

How I thrive

My goal is to exercise five days a week, but more commonly I exercise three days a week. Most recently, I have had success with using a treadmill at home first thing in the morning and going to the local YMCA on the weekends.

I am an avid reader and even listen to audiobooks while exercising and driving to work. Like many of my patients, I struggle to balance work and family life. My husband and I are actively involved at our daughters' school and their sports activities keep our schedule full!

Lastly, I love to travel, but do not have the time to travel as much as I would like. Therefore, I get much enjoyment out of the planning and anticipation phase of traveling too!