About Me

Anticipating and undergoing anesthesia and surgery are anxiety-provoking experiences for patients. As an anesthesiologist, I try to educate my patients and allay any fears. My aim is to make patients' experience at Kaiser Permanente the best possible.


Originally from the East Coast, I did my formal anesthesia training in San Francisco. However, I could not resist the opportunity to work and live in Southern California. I've had no regrets since moving down here! Becoming a physician was a natural choice for me. I have always enjoyed interacting with and taking care of people, and I hope I can make a difference in their lives.

About my practice

Because of the limited time we spend with patients, one of the most difficult aspects of being an anesthesiologist is gaining their trust. My first goal when I see a patient is to try to make them feel comfortable and answer any questions they have. I explain to patients the different options they have with anesthesia and try to meet their expectations. While taking care of patients and giving them an anesthetic, I believe the most important goal is patient safety and a close second is patient comfort.

How I thrive

I believe in staying active mentally and physically.