About Me

I am originally from New York, but have been on the West Coast for many years and here in Oregon since 2003. My family (husband and two young daughters) is trying to decide if we should be Ducks or Beavers. Currently there are more Beavers. In the past, I have lived in many parts of the United States and travelled to Asia, Europe, South America and look forward to more travelling as the girls grow older. I sought out primary care as my field because I love helping people and it allows me to have a different experience every day.

About my practice

I am privileged to be a family physician. I enjoy meeting and helping all people achieve their health care goals. On the best days, I will see three generations from one family: the newborn baby, the mom or dad and the grandparents too. As most female physicians, one focus of my practice is on well woman care and other gynecologic issues. Other focuses for me are helping people with chronic issues navigate a sometimes complex medical community. I truly try to simplify medical communication and information. As a family doctor, I also enjoy caring for adolescents, doing sports medicine and joint injections when needed. I view my role as your doctor as being a health teacher, helping you take care of yourself.

How I thrive

To me, thriving means being happy and healthy. I enjoy reading, exercising and being with my family. When work and home life are in balance, we all feel better. I always love a new experience too! I play a bit of ultimate frisbee in my free time and love to go hiking. I try to volunteer; my last volunteer outing was at the North by Northeast free clinic in Portland. It is important and necessary to give back when you have been lucky enough to be happy and healthy.