About Me

I was born into an Air Force family, so I grew up in many different places. I attended the University of Florida, where I completed pre-medical requirements along with my bachelor’s degree in psychology in 2002. Afterwards, I enrolled in nursing school at Florida State University. Since my graduation in 2005, I practiced emergency and trauma nursing. I chose to become a nurse practitioner so that I could be part of a team of providers that delivers health education, and management to patients. I began in internal medicine at Kaiser Permanente, practiced for four years, and now I am working with the Metabolic-Surgical Weight Management department.

About my practice

My philosophy of patient care integrates mind, body, nutrition, and environment. I look at both physical and mental health while being mindful of social and physical environments. I strive to listen to my patients and develop a health plan with them that is both manageable and achievable.

How I thrive

I thrive by feeding my body, mind, and spirit. I feed my body nutritious foods and occasional treats because those are important, too. I exercise so my heart, muscles, and bones can thrive as well. I enjoy being in the Colorado outdoors skiing, road and mountain biking, hiking, and swimming. I also enjoy learning, practicing yoga, meditation, and spending time with friends and family.