About Me

Originally from Washington State, I have worked and studied in New York State, Boston and Southern California. I have degrees in biology, nursing and psychiatric mental health nursing. While working at the University of Rochester Burn Unit, I learned my patients needs were more than "skin deep", so transitioned to the mental health field. I have enjoyed a variety of clinical settings at the Veteran's Administration and Kaiser Permanente over the past 30+ years as a mental health therapist and medication prescriber.

About my practice

I work with members 18 years or older. I value the collaborative process between client and clinician, and rely on our team of talented therapists, nurses and doctors through out Kaiser Permanente to provide the most comprehensive care possible. Medication management is only a portion of what can impact a person's over all health; a person's active participation in the treatment process is key to long term success.

How I thrive

I find that both physical activity, mental stimulation and basic social/spiritual outlets are essential for a healthy life. What makes me thrive? Many things, to name a few: hiking, backpacking with my wife and dogs, photography, gardening, running (the occasional marathon), skiing, woodworking, attending professional workshops, travel, meditation and kicking back with my wife and family.