About Me

I was born in Nigeria, but grew up all over the United States including Texas, Nebraska, Louisiana, Pennsylvania and now Georgia. Because of this "nomadic" lifestyle, I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures. I enjoy volunteering and being an advocate for patients and those that are medically underserved. I combine these two passions of travel and volunteerism by working on international medical missions.

About my practice

I work in the Kaiser Permanente Clinical Decision Unit (CDU). I am honored to meet patients during some of the most vulnerable and worrisome times in their lives when they present with acute illnesses. The weight of this responsibility is not lost on me. I strive to treat each of our members with the upmost compassion and respect, as I provide the most evidence-based medical care that I can.

How I thrive

I thrive by maintaining a work-life balance between my personal and professional life. At work, I give my full attention to our members. Outside of work, I love hanging out and doing activities with my daughter and family.