About Me

I was born and raised in Wailuku, a city on the island of Maui. I was introduced to the medical world from a very young age due to my father’s diagnosis of cancer. The team of caring physicians and medical staff who treated him were truly inspiring. I also received a lot of health education and guidance at home from my mother who was a nursing instructor.

About my practice

I decided to become a pediatrician because of the opportunity I was given to teach patients about preventive care. It gives me great satisfaction to increase a child’s awareness of their health and help them to become more independent. Having recently returned to primary care after working in a hospital setting for 10 years, I sincerely value the opportunity to become well acquainted with patients and families in the clinic. I greatly appreciate the collaboration between the providers within the Hawaii Permanente Medical Group. With our focus on prevention, we are able to provide thorough and effective medical care to help keep our members happy and healthy. My special interest areas are breastfeeding, asthma, allergy and obesity. I have also been involved in a vaccine study, am a member of the Kaiser Permanente Lactation Advisory Workgroup, which promotes breastfeeding in all infants, and I am the medical consultant for a preschool in Honolulu. I believe that the patient-physician relationship is a team effort. Once we are able to connect and collaborate, we can move forward towards the goals of optimal development, health and well-being.

How I thrive

I have been taking karate classes to learn self-defense skills and to stay healthy. I also love to spend time with my family while hiking, going to the beach and working on projects around the house.